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Combustible Flares are a very good invention, which has its advantages in the speed of use and simplicity. These flares are actually designed to protect people and the environment in case of danger or accidents. Usually, they do this as well. Nevertheless, there is a significant potential danger. Flammable flares contain combustible or at least hazardous chemicals and can cause serious injuries and even fires if triggered incorrectly.


CARE-FLARE’s High-Power Flashlight is visible at night from over 2000 meters away. This is thanks to ultra-powerful LED. The 360° visibility and 140° directional luminosity, together with the high design of CARE-FLARE, ensure maximum visibility and safety for your emergency forces even on hilly and unpaved roads.

CARE-FLARE was developed to withstand the adverse influences of tough use for many years without any problems. The robust and sophisticated aluminum construction thus ensures a very long service life for the CARE-FLARE warning lights. CARE-FLARE hazard warning lights have a long warranty of 5 years. However, if something should happen, our service and support as well as the high availability of spare parts help to get the flashlights back into operation as quickly as possible. CARE-FLARE warning flashlights are designed for long and reliable operation.

Nothing is more annoying than when emergency personnel constantly have to take care of the operation of the warning lights because batteries are empty or the Flashlights are not stable. CARE-FLARE is built in such a way that it always stands securely at the site of operation. This is also on sloping surfaces. Even in adverse conditions such as storms, snow, water, or pressure waves from vehicles, CARE-FLARE always stands safely at the scene and continues to reliably warn of danger. CARE-FLARE thus increases the safety of your emergency forces because they are better seen.

The lighting duration of CARE-FLARE extends over several uses. The lighting duration of CARE-FLARE is important because you should decide for yourself when the use of your warning and safety lights should end. CARE-FLARE relies on classic batteries because they guarantee a longer lighting duration than commercially available rechargeable batteries. Thanks to its 4 batteries, the warning light from CARE-FLARE flashes significantly longer than most commercially available products. Change and do not charge is the motto here to be always quickly ready for use again. CARE-FLARE can be operated for over 70 hours without changing batteries.

CARE-FLARE warning lights and flashing lights are the perfect solutions for drawing attention to a wide range of hazardous situations, providing additional security at work and emergency sites, and warning from a far distance in an effective, safe, and user-friendly way. The intuitive operation works with a single button to set the different warning variants safely and quickly. This succeeds even with gloves on in winter

CARE-FLARE warning lights and safety lights are designed to be used very quickly and effectively. The ease of use, weight and small dimensions of the High-Power LED safety lights play a crucial role for rescuers. The warning lights can also be brought to the scene from rolling vehicles. This means faster-secured operation sites and more safety for your crew. The warning lights are light enough to be used on-site for longer periods of time, yet heavy enough to always have a secure footing at the scene.

CARE-FLARE is designed to significantly reduce your costs for warning and safeguarding at operation sites. On the one hand, the CARE-FLARE warning lights and security lights are built sturdy and durable, on the other hand, these are suitable and applicable for many different purposes. So you do not need several specialized warning lights but cover a wide range of applications with CARE-FLARE. Especially compared to combustible flares, which are used in various countries, you save valuable money with CARE-FLARE. Already after one used battery pack CARE-FLARE Warningbeacons are cheaper in use.




Safety instructions for High-Power LED products – High-Power LED products such as CARE-FLARE® require a certain level of expertise to avoid health risks:

The CARE-FLARE® light can be very bright. Therefore, never look directly into it when it is near you. The strength can cause eye damage. From a distance of five meters, the danger is already much lower and therefore less dangerous.

The CARE-FLARE® should be positioned in such a way that it warns in the direction of approaching vehicles and persons. Never point the light cone at the eyes of other persons or animals. Ensure that children do not have access to the Emergency Flares and that older children are taught how to use them safely.

In each country, there are different rules regarding the placement of Emergency Flares on roads. Please inform yourself about these rules and observe them

  • Caution LED light! Do not look directly into the LED light source!
  • When setting up the signal lamp and during operation, make sure that no one is endangered (road traffic, etc.)!
  • Observe the laws and regulations for the installation of safety beacons in your country.
  • The product is not a toy. Keep away from children and animals.
  • Do not immerse the product in liquid.
  • Do not use the product if it shows visible damage or does not function properly.
  • Only use batteries that do not show any external damage.
  • Do not modify or rebuild the product.

CARE-FLARE® is maintenance-free. The integrated LED illuminants are permanently installed and cannot be replaced. Only wipe CARE-FLARE® externally with a clean, soft, dry cloth.  Never use aggressive cleaning agents! CARE-FLARE® may only be repaired by an authorized dealer or the manufacturer.

CARE-FLARE® spare parts are available from your local distributor or directly from the manufacturer, Vogt-CTE GmbH.

– Protective case for 3 signal lamps Item no.: 10652

– Protective case for 6 signal lamps item no.: 10653


Do combustible Flares cause fires?
Combustible Flares are a very good invention, which has its advantages in the speed of use and simplicity. These flares are actually designed to protect people and the environment in case of danger or accidents. Usually, they do this as well. Nevertheless, there is a significant potential danger. Flammable flares contain combustible or at least hazardous chemicals and can cause serious injuries and even fires if triggered incorrectly.

  • CARE-FLARE® does not burn but works with a High-Power LED light and batteries. Already in the construction, it is so that no fires can be released. Because the batteries are also encased in thick aluminum, they protect the environment from the energy of the batteries. No LI-ION batteries are used but only harmless C-cells.

The safety instructions for the Combustible Flares are strictly observed.
The Combustible Flares are carried in the vehicle itself and bring an increased danger for the passengers. Especially in case of accidents with the vehicle in which they are carried. The partially different safety guidelines for Combustible Flares are to be strictly followed in order not to injure anyone, to set fire to the accident or own car, or to the vegetation.

  • No special safety instructions apply to CARE-FLARE®. The use of CARE-FLARE® is easy and quick to learn. It is also very safe to carry in a vehicle. Provided, of course, that the CARE-FLARE® is stowed appropriately.

Combustible Flares require a safe distance

Combustible Flares should not be placed directly next to the car, but at a sufficient distance from it. On the one hand because to guarantee a warning function this must happen early enough, on the other hand, because of the danger of flammable materials. As a guideline can be considered: The maximum speed in this place is taken as the distance in meters for the placement of the flares. It is also important to make sure that there is no flammable vegetation in the vicinity.

  • The specialty of CARE-FLARE® is the extremely strong warning at a distance. For this reason, CARE-FLARE® can be placed closer to the accident vehicle, thus shortening the time needed to set it up. Nevertheless, the recommended distances should be observed.

Lighting and Combustible Flares

Although it may seem that Combustible Flares are easy and quick to use, in practice this is not always the case. Gloves and safety goggles are recommended when lighting flares. The flares are held away from the body but still have the potential to ignite clothing. Extinguishing them is not without danger either. They normally continue to burn for up to 30 or 60 minutes. Either way, fumes or chemicals can sometimes be an environmental hazard. Whereby one or other manufacturer emphasizes harmlessness.

  • CARE-FLARE® is much easier, less dangerous, and more environmentally friendly to use. At the latest here you can see the true potential of the clever and well-thought-out design of these Emergency Flares.

Combustible Flares need a “little” more attention

The bottom line is that working with Combustible Flares requires more time and attention. You have to place them further away, you need protective clothing, you have to replace the flares after 30/60 minutes and you should also check if they roll away from time to time unless you have used a special flare holder. You have to dispose of them after use. And you may still need another tool because you can’t use them for everything.

  • CARE-FLARE® is much more efficient. It is a tool that you can use for almost any purpose and that requires a minimum of your attention. The goal is that you can fully concentrate on your mission and not on the management of emergency flares.


Ideal for assisting firefighters and first responders in cordoning off fire areas and scenes of operations


Optimal for securing agricultural jobs in the field and on dirt roads. Farmers and field workers secure their jobs


CARE-FLARE unterstützt Sie mit zusätzlicher Sicherheit in Häfen wo schwere Güter umgeschlagen werden


Optimal for supporting the cordoning off of accident sites, more safety during road closures or detour


Ideal for increasing safety on construction sites and for additional warning on unclear construction sites


CARE-FLARE supports crossing guards with an additional warning function and enables crowd management


Ideal for additional securing of the ambulance vehicle in unsafe and dangerous places at the scene of operation


Optimal to provide additional support for road closure, to divert traffic more safely or to narrow lanes more safely


Optimal for securing work sites in the forest and on forest paths. Foresters and forest workers secure their workplaces


Optimal for additional securing of heavy transports or vehicles during troop exercises and firing ranges


Ideal for additional site security during goods handling and for additional warning of transport hazards


Ideal for additional protection of vehicle recovery at accident sites by towing companies as well as rescue forces